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#1 in KLAS Chargemaster Management

VitalCDM is the new standard in chargemaster management:

Our solution ranked #1 in KLAS Revenue Cycle — Chargemaster Management for 2019 and was ranked First in KLAS for functionality, implementation, support, and CLIENT SATISFACTION.

What We 

VitalCDM | The New Standard

Our Chargemaster solution, VitalCDM™, organizes, displays, and manages all your chargemaster data within one elegantly connected solution. VitalCDM enables you to operate more transparently, price strategically, and present an accurate bill with a new level of consistency.

More than 800 hospitals have made the move to VitalCDM, positioning themselves to compete with vision and clarity in today's fast-evolving marketplace.

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Charge Capture Solutions

Complete, timely and correct charge capture is the cornerstone of revenue-operations efficiency. VitalIntegrity™ enables teams to minimize revenue leakage from undercharging, decrease compliance risks from overcharging, and facilitate tracking of inaccurate charges — all the way to the root cause. Our solutions focus on root causes so you can fix them once, and never have to deal with the same problem again. That’s a major advantage.

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HIM Solutions

VitalAuditor assists organizations in the retrospective auditing process of medical claims for hospital inpatient and outpatient services, and physician billings. It's designed to deliver education and coding information easily into your daily workflow and reporting.

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Revenue Integrity Services

Vitalware Revenue Integrity Services (RIS) provides credentialed industry experts with diverse experience, knowledge and skills, who work with you to run a compliant, efficient operation. We dig deeper, and bring both solutions and expertise to bear to help clients become compliant, optimally profitable, and self-directed. Our experts know this space, know our category-leading tools, and they'll work for your team as hard as they do for ours.

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Vendor Partner Solutions

Vitalware provides medical necessity through claim scrubbing and validation, our rules engine APIs or data files. Our code lookup delivers all the rules, guidelines, crosswalks, modifiers, professional and facility specific rules, reimbursement, statistics and policies that apply. HTML controls are available for code lookup and referential, as well as medical necessity.

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Physician / Professional Solutions

VitalKnowledge helps physicians, medical groups and healthcare proprietors with access to comprehensive and current coding, charging and regulatory information, to help ensure compliant coding and maximum reimbursement.

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We found Vitalware to be the most open and innovative mid-revenue cycle vendor out there. They’re committed to the future. We feel they’re way ahead of the competition when it comes to developing new features and technical advancements. Everything in CDM is evolving and we’re confident Vitalware will take us to the next step.

Michelle Davidson, Chargemaster Analyst FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Pinehurst, NC

The New Standard

We, along with our valued partners, have created a new standard in CDM management.

Four Vital Differences:

    VitalCDM takes in and organizes ALL of your chargemaster data...
  2. A SINGLE PLATFORM manage multiple fee schedules, supply, pharmacy, professional, and ancillary files
    ...designed to scale and evolve with little to no IT.
    Vitalware is the KLAS Category leader for CDM with more than 800 hospitals, large and small using our flagship VitalCDM product and with Vitalware data being used by more than 800,000 physicians.

Easy To Switch

The efficiency and simplicity of using our solutions begin at the beginning. When you switch to Vitalware, you don't need to create a custom data spec or reconfigure anything. Your charge data will be consumed, displayed, and organized in totality in its native format. Your current workflows will be replicated (and improved) very quickly.

Content Experts

Our all-star team of revenue cycle experts assures that hospitals, clinics, and health systems are up-to-the-minute. The very latest rules are essential for correct outcomes, and as you know: healthcare rules change, often. That's why we provide continuous access to updated billing, charging and coding information. Our team will help you identify and eradicate reimbursement and compliance risks due to missed (or misinterpreted) regulation changes.

Who We 

Vitalware provides healthcare mid-cycle revenue management solutions, data and consulting services, and expert consulting for health systems, hospitals, physicians, and healthcare revenue cycle-solutions providers.

Our mid-cycle revenue solutions scale elegantly, and support hospitals of all sizes. We drive positive financial outcomes that protect reimbursement and reputation with an accurate chargemaster, and help financial professionals discover and capture missing revenue.

We focus on helping our clients become compliant, efficient, and self-sufficient, and we work with solution providers who share the same aims and values.

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Transparency and Your Chargemaster: Planning Ahead New Transparency Proposals Place Emphasis on Chargemaster Completeness, and Capabilities

Following up on the hospital price transparency rule that went into effect on January 1, 2019, [section 2718(e) of the Public Health Services Act] the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a series of proposed new rules on July 29, 2019. These proposed rules include several new requirements that up the ante on transparency required in the original rule.

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A Vitalware Case Study: A History of Service, and Successful Growth

Valley Presbyterian Hospital opened its doors to the community in 1958 as a small, neighborhood provider of personalized medical care. Today, they’re one of the largest and most prestigious full-service acute-care facilities in the San Fernando Valley. Their 350-bed hospital serves thousands of families each year, offering a wide range of topflight medical expertise and leading-edge technology across all elements of care.

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