Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

About Vitalware

New regulations, pricing transparency requirements, and thinning margins are causing hospitals to become ever more reliant on their revenue-cycle data being truly comprehensive and up to date. Vitalware is the only solution designed for today's technical and operational environments, and also designed for data-flexibility — so hospitals can always rely on their chargemaster (and charges) being current, accurate, and authoritative — whatever the future holds.

Since 2011, Vitalware has combined thoroughly modern, XML and cloud-based technologies, with unmatched regulatory content expertise, which is why over 1,000 hospitals rely on the Vitalware product portfolio.

It's also why we’re the fastest growing provider in this space: more institutions are seeing the bigger picture, and anticipating the future — and these leaders are choosing Vitalware.

Vitalware Masters Complexity

Hospitals and healthcare providers struggle today to manage the complexity of their business. At the core of meeting this challenge is the chargemaster — it touches clinical data, procedure codes, supplies, pharmacy, service codes, and the claim. It sits in the middle of your revenue cycle and it's the Rosetta Stone for your hospital or medical group's financial operations. This is why Vitalware began by offering a solution that meets the breadth and matches the precision of the modern-day, continuously-evolving chargemaster.

A Complete Product Portfolio

Vitalware’s product portfolio is the healthcare industry’s new standard for providing visibility and continuity in chargemaster management, documentation, charge capture, and regulatory code references. Vitalware's professional services support hospitals’ needs for coding guidance, process improvement, education, and financial compliance. Our product and service offerings are essential to providing appropriate reimbursement and continuous improvement for your Revenue Integrity, HIM, and Compliance departments.

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Our Values

Vitalware is a company of people who have committed themselves to the mission of keeping the healthcare industry itself healthy and thriving. Our solutions play a supporting role, rarely in the limelight — but our people are all leaders in their chosen disciplines. That unique combination of humility, dedication, and initiative shines through in our everyday work, and in our guiding principles:

Personal Commitment

As we grow, Vitalware will continue to be a company that offers service and support with expert personnel, dedicated to the success of your enterprise.

Complete Data-usage and Total Transparency

Vitalware is the most advanced solution for providing visibility and continuity in chargemaster management, documentation, charge capture, and regulatory code reference. We're built to take in and show your entire data asset: nothing missing, no translations, shortcuts, or added code. Just your data—all of it.

Unmatched Expertise

Vitalware's content team is simply the best in the business — on the job to ensure that you have up-to-date and relevant code and regulatory information.

Anticipating Change and Growth

Vitalware's solutions are built on flexible, modern technology platforms that are designed for change, expansion, and rapid technical integrations.

Our Continued Success, and Yours

Vitalware’s growth and client success is a direct result of our solid client partnerships, innovative solutions, and stellar staff. We're especially proud of the talented people we employ from across the country — and across the healthcare industry — who assure that we're continuously bringing our clients the best: the best experience, knowledge, service...and the most advanced problem-solving and anticipatory thinking. Vitalware people bring their best every day, to continuously assure our clients have every advantage to compete and succeed in today's health-care business environment.