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No time to do a comprehensive CDM review? We'll do it for you.

New CPT codes, updated E/M rules, and temporary COVID codes have messed up a lot of chargemasters. Our CDM experts will give you an objective, outside perspective so you don’t miss obvious charges and can remain confidently compliant.

  • Identify missed revenue from inaccurate charges, inactive codes, proper ways to charge
  • Gain confidence that your chargemaster is compliant for audits
  • Receive objective findings from the most respected chargemaster experts in the industry
  • Education on CDM best practices and process improvement developed from working with more than 1,000 hospitals

Health systems have varying ways to accomplish CDM-related tasks, like process improvement and maximizing system utilization. This means you get refined best practices (developed from working with hundreds of hospitals) when we perform a CDM review for you.

Now's the perfect time to schedule an annual chargemaster review for your facility, and go into 2021 with a clean, up-to-date chargemaster. To discuss a CDM review, fill out the form on this page.

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I was excited when we decided to move to Vitalware as it seemed so easy to use, and it is. VitalCDM is extremely user-friendly and the client service has been great. This really exceeded our expectations in December updating expired or changing charge CPT codes. I would highly recommend Vitalware to anyone looking at a chargemaster tool.

Paula Pederson Director of Patient Financial Services Memorial Health System