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Your chargemaster is ready for an annual checkup. (So is Vitalware.)

Now's the perfect time to schedule an annual chargemaster review for your facility, and go into 2020 with a clean, up-to-date chargemaster.

Keeping Up With A Year's Worth of Change...

With Medicare and other regulatory updates being finalized in the third and fourth quarter, and an entire year of personnel changes, tech installs, and migrations in the books, it's the perfect time to do a line-by-line review to assess for omissions, mapping errors, and dead or missing codes. It's also the perfect opportunity to assure that all of your departments and personnel are charging (and getting paid) appropriately. Vitalware can help you do this quickly and completely using our category-leading tools and unmatched data assets.

We use the complete VitalKnowledge database to perform our review, and we provide any support you need to implement recommended changes. With Vitalware, you'll know you're chargemaster is up-to-date when the analysis and changes are complete.

We're here to get your chargemaster in perfect position for next year.

Schedule your chargemaster review today.

I was excited when we decided to move to Vitalware as it seemed so easy to use, and it is. VitalCDM is extremely user-friendly and the client service has been great. This really exceeded our expectations in December updating expired or changing charge CPT codes. I would highly recommend Vitalware to anyone looking at a chargemaster tool.

Paula Pederson Director of Patient Financial Services Memorial Health System