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Using our intuitive user experience and industry-leading natural language processing, you will easily navigate the constant changes in healthcare while spending your time where it matters most: with your patients. Clinical documentation and coding can be unnecessarily complicated and, if not done correctly, can negatively impact your compliance and your bottom line. VitalWare’s™ documentation and coding solutions simplify this process saving you time and resources with a coding accuracy you won’t find anywhere else in the healthcare industry.

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"The VitalWare iDocuMint™ tool has been a game changer for our organization. Previously, our providers were being overwhelmed by after-the-fact Coding Queries. Even when using ICD-9, our doctors knew the answers to most of the specificity questions - they just didn't always remember what the questions were... With ICD-10 bearing down on us, we knew we had to supply our doctors with the easiest method to provide the required specificity as efficiently as possible. Without this solution, our doctors, and the entire institution, would be bogged down in the 'query cycle'.

iDocuMint has provided the needed solution. Now, we are able to efficiently answer the questions in real-time, when we are specifically documenting the care of 'this' patient with 'these' diagnoses.

A common initial reaction when introducing this concept to the physicians has been, 'So now I have to do the coding too? I am not a coder!' But within 30-60 seconds of demonstrating iDocuMint to them, they almost universally say, 'Oh! I can do THAT! This is Great!'"

Alan N. DeWitt, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center

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