Elevate to the New Standard

Learn how our intentional focus on health systems' mid-revenue cycle can elevate you to a new standard.

  • Consume and organize ALL your chargemaster data, and ancillary files like pharmacy and professional in a single, unified solution
  • Use charge integrity and capture solutions designed around your rules and specific needs
  • Be confidently compliant with up-to-date coding and regulatory content
  • Identify root-cause issues in your mid-revenue cycle data and workflow
  • Web-based means quick to install, less downtime, and no waiting in your IT queue

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We found Vitalware to be the most open and innovative mid-cycle revenue vendor out there. They’re committed to the future. We feel they’re way ahead of the competition when it comes to developing new features and technological advancements. Everything in CDM is evolving and we’re confident Vitalware will take us to the next step.

Michelle Davidson Chargemaster Analyst FirstHealth of the Carolinas