Improving Physician Productivity by Simplifying Complete Clinical Documentation

Seamlessly find the most specific ICD-10 code within seconds using iDocuMint. It’s a streamlined web-based tool for physicians that improves the entire documentation process from coding to billing, which means that you spend less resources coding and more time with your patients.

Find ICD-10 Codes Faster

Learning all of the ICD-10 diagnosis codes is impossible. iDocuMint is based on clinical concepts, not codes, so you can effortlessly navigate ICD-10 using familiar terminology.


Start with the Familiar

Use a customizable list of commonly used ICD-9 codes as the starting point for a code search. iDocuMint will intelligently ask for the remaining concepts you need to define in order to find a more specific ICD-10 code.

Don’t Miss Billable Codes

After selecting a code, iDocuMint will hint at related codes that frequently need to be defined as well. The system uses aliases, synonyms and eponyms to translate what you document into what coders need to see to send a claim.


More Benefits

Find Any Code

In addition to ICD-10 diagnosis codes, you can also search for ICD-10 procedure and ICD-9 codes using one intuitive interface.

Backtrack Intuitively

Remove codes or concepts from your search and iDocuMint updates on the fly, no need to restart.

Customized to You

You can quickly customize the app to your preferences at the flip of a switch in the options panel.

Integrate Everywhere

Export your history of sessions to a spreadsheet, or embed seamlessly into your existing EMR/EHR.

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