A better CDM solution.

A better CDM solution.

Total trasparency. All your data. Vitalware offers the only CDM solution that can consume and display all of your chargemaster data in a single platform. No limitations.

Our software works on everything

See why more than 900 hospitals have chosen VitalCDM™.

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There’s a New Standard in CDM Management

VitalCDM™ brings ALL your data together.

  • In a single platform.
  • With automated import analysis and unlimited data capacity.
  • For pharmacy, supply, physician, and ancillary files.
  • Enabling custom user views, filters, data-sets, from the same, up-to-date data foundation.
  • With comprehensive change history and audit trails.
  • Integrating seamlessly back into your patient accounting systems to close the loop.
  • With maximum up-time, and an absolute minimum of IT time.

VitalCDM was ranked #1 in KLAS Chargemaster Management for 2019.

We found Vitalware to be the most open and innovative mid-revenue cycle vendor out there. They’re committed to the future. We feel they’re way ahead of the competition when it comes to developing new features and technical advancements. Everything in CDM is evolving and we’re confident Vitalware will take us to the next step.

Michelle Davidson Chargemaster Analyst FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Pinehurst, NC