Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

A better CDM solution.

A better CDM solution.

Total trasparency. All your data. Vitalware offers the only CDM solution that can consume and display all of your chargemaster data in a single platform. No limitations.

Our software works on everything

See why more than 1,000 hospitals have chosen VitalCDM™.

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There’s a New Standard in CDM Management

VitalCDM™ brings ALL your data together.

  • In a single platform.
  • With automated import analysis and unlimited data capacity.
  • For pharmacy, supply, physician, and ancillary files.
  • Enabling custom user views, filters, data-sets, from the same, up-to-date data foundation.
  • With comprehensive change history and audit trails.
  • Integrating seamlessly back into your patient accounting systems to close the loop.
  • With maximum up-time, and an absolute minimum of IT time.

VitalCDM was ranked #1 in KLAS Chargemaster Management for 2019.

I was excited when we decided to move to Vitalware as it seemed so easy to use, and it is. VitalCDM is extremely user-friendly and the client service has been great. This really exceeded our expectations in December updating expired or changing charge CPT codes. I would highly recommend Vitalware to anyone looking at a chargemaster tool.

Paula Pederson Director of Patient Financial Services Memorial Health System