VitalWare’s products have had a significant impact on our clients and their business.


"I have been in my role for 2 years. In the first year of my employment we used a different company for our chargemaster tool. That tool was not very user friendly. When we decided to go to VitalWare I was extremely excited as it seemed the tool would be easy to use, and it is. Very easy to use, great customer service, and exceeded my expectations this past December when I got ready to update charge codes that had expired or changing CPT codes. EXCELLENT TOOL!!!"

Jaclyn Hinderks, FHFMA
Director, Revenue Cycle
Rice Memorial Hospital, Willmar, MN

“We are excited to partner with VitalWare for our chargemaster tool. Our enterprise CDM Coordinators are impressed with the product and have sent feedback that VitalCDM and VitalCoder are easier to use than our previous chargemaster toolset.”

Sean Wylder,
IT Director, Business Applications
Adventist Health

"I was excited when we decided to move to Vitalware as it seemed so easy to use, and it is. VitalCDM is extremely user-friendly and the Client Service has been great. This really exceeded our expectations in December updating expired or changing charge CPT codes. I would highly recommend Vitalware to anyone looking at a chargemaster tool."

Paula Pedersen
Director, Patient Financial Services
Memorial Hospital, Abilene, KS

"I would recommend VitalCDM because it’s so easy to use. You can track variances between the catalog and the site chargemaster line items, identify linked and un-linked items and quantify the percentage of standardization, providing a pathway to success.  Roll-up reporting provides excellent statistical information across our health system."

Manager, Revenue Integrity
Large Midwestern Health System

"I would recommend VitalCoder to other hospitals. I’ve been doing the Chargemaster for seven years and was involved in all of our year-end changes. VitalCoder is a huge help because we are able to export many things into Excel format to formulate our spreadsheets for year-end – for coding changes and for all of our departmental changes. Everyone in Chargemaster knows that it is a busy and challenging time of year, and in comparison to previous years I can’t even express how helpful it was."

Liz Knisel
Senior Chargemaster Analyst