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Integrate Vitalware to your PAS.

Manual entry of additions and changes to your PAS chargemaster invites a significant risk of human error. Vitalware offers a better way—a dedicated interface from VitalCDM to your PAS, where CDM additions, changes, and deactivations for the CDM and fee schedules can be imported into your PAS using customizable extract files. The automated import of these customized files radically reduces the risk of errors and is a faster workflow for your team.

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We found Vitalware to be the most open and innovative mid-revenue cycle vendor out there. They’re committed to the future. We feel they’re way ahead of the competition when it comes to developing new features and technological advancements. Everything in CDM is evolving and we’re confident Vitalware will take us to the next step.

Michelle Davidson Chargemaster Analyst FirstHealth of the Carolinas