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Pharmacy Analysis in VitalCDM

A single solution for managing your pharmacy and chargemaster.

Pharmacy is one of the biggest expense centers for facilities and the biggest culprits of revenue leakage in a health system. If any of the issues resonate with you below, please contact us today.

  • Underpayments due to unit discrepancies in your pharmacy formulary
  • Can’t easily review national and local medical necessity requirements for drugs in your formulary
  • Aren't able to identify revenue codes that are not ideal for the CPT/HCPCS code applied to your medications
  • Can't easily review your pricing against other pharmacy pricing benchmarks, including Medicare peer data and cost to charge percentage
  • Don't receive NDC confirmation of HCPCS code as required for Medicare
  • Don't have workflow and audit history functions to obtain full visibility into the processes surrounding your formulary
  • Can't easily identify compliance risks associated to CPT/HCPCS codes and NDC codes

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Vitalware has impacted the entire hospital with everyone from the compliance department to pharmacy and the business offices using the platform. Our investment in the solution has not only proven a return when it comes to efficiency and accuracy, but more importantly, it has proven beneficial for our employees, and their satisfaction is an outcome we are proud of.

— Connie Marinucci Compliance Manager Parkview Medical Center