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More Frequent Vitalware Software Updates

Because the speed of market keeps increasing, we have worked hard to implement a continuous software delivery cycle. This process, combined with our completely web-based technology, allows us to more rapidly innovate and deliver updates with new functionality to users. In most cases, this means updates will get pushed to our clients every week or two.

How will this affect me?

Rather than waiting on a “release” for new features, bug fixes, maintenance upgrades, etc., you will receive them as soon as they have been tested and approved by our staff. You and your team will benefit from the updates much more quickly. If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated lient Success Manager or fill out a support form to get contacted.

How can I stay up to date on new features?

Thank you for asking! Our Client Success team will host bi-weekly training sessions to review new features. You can find the information on our main dashboard when you log in. You can also click the help icon and choose “What’s New” from any of our applications. Once there, you'll see a detailed list of new features and instructions.

What if I see something that concerns me?

One of our goals in adopting this process is to reduce the number of defects introduced. But of course, if you do find a defect, please contact your Client Success Manager who will be more than happy to dig in and help.

Will I be able to test in advance?

Great question! If you are interested in testing new functionality before it’s released, please reach out to your Client Success Manager for details. Additional testers are always welcome.

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