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BurstIQ Announces Partnership with Vitalware Bringing Blockchain to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

June 26, 2018

BurstIQ, Inc., a leading healthcare blockchain data company, announced today a major OEM integration with Vitalware, LLC, one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare industry. The Washington-based firm provides revenue cycle management services to over 600 hospitals nationwide. BurstIQ’s proprietary blockchain-based big data platform will enable VitalWare to securely manage clients’ data at scale, automate key processes and gain new insights through the platform’s machine learning capabilities.

Vitalware’s suite of revenue cycle solutions and services addresses all aspects of mid-revenue cycle management, including documentation, coding, charge capture, auditing and lost revenue recovery. Incorporating BurstIQ’s proprietary blockchain-based health data platform will allow Vitalware to apply advanced analytics and machine learning to their services – gaining new insights that provide significant value for their health system clients. In addition, the platform hosted on Vitalware’s private cloud will significantly improve data security and automate key knowledge processes.

“BurstIQ allows us to achieve the scalability we need to grow our business,” says Kerry Martin, CEO of Vitalware. “The platform is able to quickly and automatically identify new insights and streamline multiple levels of our workflow, which translates directly into value for our clients.”

Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ, shares Martin’s enthusiasm about the partnership. “Vitalware has been recognized multiple times as one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive companies in the healthcare industry. This partnership will bring our blockchain-based data platform to Vitalware’s client base of over 600 hospitals and demonstrate the value that the platform can provide to health systems. It’s truly a win-win.”