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2022 CPT Updates- Physician Focused

December 2, 2021

Each year the CPT code set undergoes significant changes. Physicians and their office staff need to be aware of the changes in order to ensure a smooth transition into 2022. Join us for a discussion of the new, deleted and revised CPT codes and associated guidelines for 2022. This presentation will focus on the changes to the CPT dataset and the associated work RVU value changes that impact physicians. This is part three in a three part series.

During this complimentary webinar, we will empower you to correctly apply the new and revised codes and discuss the rationale behind this year’s changes. You will leave with an understanding of the financial implications of the changes on your practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluation of the CPT code changes and the significant changes to the work RVU values
  • Discussion regarding changes to guidelines and instructional notes for 2022
  • Review of the rationale behind the identified code changes
  • Presentation of coding examples related to the new codes for 2022

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