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4 Reasons to Conduct an Annual CDM Review for Your Organization

March 19, 2020

The charge description master (CDM) remains the foundation of the revenue cycle for health systems. It touches clinical data, procedure codes, supplies, pharmacy, and the claim. It sits in the middle of your revenue cycle and it’s the Rosetta Stone for your hospital or medical group’s financial operations.

Running a compliant and revenue efficient shop has never been a “sexy” subject. But if you’ve been in the middle of an operation where the chargemaster is out of sync, you know how powerfully it can affect the overall experience for healthcare personnel and patients.

Now more than ever, hospitals run on trust.

New regulations, pricing transparency requirements, and thinning margins are causing healthcare organizations to become even more reliant on their CDM being truly compliant, comprehensive, transparent, and up to date. In this webinar, we will dig into 4 reasons to conduct an annual CDM Review to ensure your chargemaster is positively impacting your bottom line.