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Ensuring Accurate and Compliant Reimbursement Through Customizable Charge Capture Solutions

August 20, 2020

As the Best in KLAS solution for chargemaster management, we understand that leakage of earned revenue remains a problem even with a clean and well-managed CDM. We also understand that charge capture solutions that have generalized rules and workflows simultaneously fail to identify many potential issues and present a high-number of false positives. This is why we developed a suite of charge capture solutions with a powerful promise attached: Your data. Your rules. Your view.

Vitalware’s charge capture products are designed for your needs and adapted for use with any EHR/PAS, departmental workflow, or even existing charge capture process. Our flexible solutions give you customized workflows, proactive customer support, and access to rules management in order to increase accuracy, minimize time in product, remediate root causes, and make you confidently compliant.

Attend this complimentary 30-minute webinar to learn how the simple promise – Your data. Your rules. Your view. – is being realized in our charge capture solutions, VitalIntegrity and VitalAnalysis.

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