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Easier EAP Management: VitalCDM For Epic Hospitals

September 16, 2020

Epic is the household name of EHR/PAS solutions for hospitals. But oftentimes EAP management requires a user to work from multiple systems or incomplete data. This leads to wasted time, siloed work, and the increased chance of errors or discrepancies between data sets.

That is why Vitalware’s “New Standard” approach to EAP management includes complete data consumption and a single solution that your team can use simultaneously to manage your EAP, pharmacy, professional, soft-coded items, preference lists, supply, and any other charge or order entry file you can throw at us. The ability to consume all your data gives you:

  • A single solution to manage both your HB and PB
  • Soft-coded item review and analysis
  • Cost center to EAP visibility and vice versa
  • Orderables, performables, chargeables in the same solution
  • Simplified revenue and usage reporting

Attend this 30-minute webinar to learn why VitalCDM is quickly becoming the “New Standard” for EAP management.