Revenue Integrity Services

We support clients beyond innovative technology and revenue cycle software. VitalWare Revenue Integrity Services (RIS) offers professional CDM and auditing services to hospitals and health systems of all sizes.


Service Overview

Proven Industry Experts

Compliance, accuracy and appropriate reimbursement are top concerns of hospitals today. VitalWare Revenue Integrity Services (RIS) is a team of credentialed industry experts with diverse experience, knowledge and skills. We're dedicated to helping hospitals:

  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Optimize revenue reimbursement opportunities
  • Reduce risk of improper claims that lead to rejections, underpayment, overpayments, audits, fines, and penalties
  • Identify regulatory changes that impact services and delivery

Tailored Plans for Specific Needs

Healthcare systems are similar in many ways, but each face unique revenue integrity challenges. We collaborate with hospital revenue cycle teams and determine strengths, opportunities, and improvements that can make the most impact on revenue.


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VitalWare conducted a comprehensive Chargemaster audit then delivered detailed reports -- very helpful in implementing changes."

-Little Company of Mary

Shaw Building Mad River Community Hospital

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