Clinical Documentation Improvement

Vital365 - CDI™

Never miss an opportunity for improvement. With Vital365 - CDI™ your team knows more, works better together, and gets more done faster.

Product Overview

Find Vulnerable Areas Early in the Patient Journey

Proactively identifying problems early eliminates the chances of denied or delayed reimbursements. Correcting the root causes at the outset avoids repeated, costly mistakes.

Leverage the Power of a Dynamic, Interactive Query Engine

VitalWare’s patent pending Sherpa engine links ICD vocabulary and alias terms with corresponding medical concepts, keeping search results consistent across our suite of products.

Operate Like a Fine-Tuned Machine

Customized workflows and optimized processes strengthen communication between CDI specialists and clinicians. Accountability is established, as well as an increased ROI of your resources.

Features / Benefits
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Competitive Advantage

“As soon as we saw the demo, we were blown away!”

-SCL Health

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