Medical Coding Audit & Compliance


Provide your teams access to comprehensive and current medical coding information critical to the goal of achieving accurate, compliant coding and reimbursement.

Product Overview

Never Settle for Outdated Resources Again

Rules are critical to outcomes, and healthcare rules can change daily. Our team of revenue cycle experts make sure hospitals, clinics and health systems are consistently up-to-date. With easy access to the most current medical coding information and compliance rules, you lessen the risk of compromising full reimbursement due to regulation changes.

Over 111 Public and Proprietary Data Sources

Our web-based platform provides one convenient resource to query the most comprehensive content database in the industry. Current policies, bulletins, regulations and news articles available for review.

CodeValidate™ Module Included

We also give you the added ability to verify medical necessity and NCCI edits to check code pairs for possible Medicare medical necessity or un-bundling issues.

Features / Benefits
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Competitive Advantage
“CodeValidate is an awesome bonus for our Billing and Coding staff. It’s used constantly to check and confirm medical necessity."

-Mad River Community Hospital

Shaw Building Mad River Community Hospital

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