Revenue Cycle Audit On-Demand Software


Stop waiting for revenue cycle audit data to show up in your email.
Easily access accurate, on-demand data that healthcare decision makers need to know.

Product Overview

Dashboards Show the Big Picture

Skip the headache of collecting reports from multiple sources. Instantly visualize data with drag-and-drop modules to organize what you need, the way you want to see it.

Intelligent Mid-Revenue Cycle Platform

VitalAuditor's user-friendly interface allows for side-by-side audits and claim audits via a three-view screen display. Users can also create and code a claim from scratch with the ability to save, group and audit for accuracy, promoting coder efficiency.

Embedded with VitalKnowledge™

Access essential and referential information on demand. VitalKnowledge is a standard component of VitalAuditor.

Features / Benefits
Add-on Modules
Competitive Advantage

"With VitalWare we are better aligned with our Finance department in making price changes and have improved communications."

-Little Company of Mary

Little Company of Mary Hospital

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