Are you collecting full reimbursement for the services you provide?

It starts with a compliant Chargemaster

Data Processing

Put Everyone on the Same Page

Your staff is makes informed decisions, works together better and gets more done when they’re using the same playbook. VitalCDM improves chargemaster visibility throughout your organization. Quickly identify discrepancies in descriptions and charges from disparate files from various systems, such as Pharmacy and Supply item, in a single view.

Focus on the Day-to-Day Workflow

VitalCDM is built with streamlined workflow and reporting capabilities. Detailed, real-time insights bring potential issues to your attention. You can catch an error before the bill goes out the door.

Easy, Intuitive Code Review at Your Fingertips

VitalCDM is combined with VitalKnowledge™, VitalWare’s advanced coding, regulatory and reimbursement resource. Over 111 public and proprietary data sets keep your users updated on coding, regulatory and financial information critical to accurate, compliant coding.

Administration Tools
Add-ons / Features

“As soon as we saw the demo, we were blown away!”

Firstname Last and Firstname Last

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Automated Import/Analysis

No manual intervention required for import of CDM, Pharmacy, Supply Item Master and Utilization files.

Coding and Billing Analysis

Identify coding exceptions such as deleted and invalid HCPCS codes, modifiers and codes not recognized by OPPS.

Request Process/Workflow

Unique functionality makes workflow and change file management intuitive and more efficient.

Benchmarking/Peer Comaprison

Provides pricing benchmarking based on your defined peer groups by hospital, department and line item. This information offers a vehicle to alleviate consumer and public scrutiny.

Enterprise Options

Provides management of multiple chargemasters; edit and govern changes throughout a hospital system at an enterprise level.

Supports all Health Information Systems (HIS)

Able to support all HIS Vendor formats, including McKesson, Cerner, CPSI, Allscripts and Epic.