Optimizing Mid-Cycle Revenue

Lack of communication between coders, physicians and CDI specialists, along with disparate vendor inconsistencies have made ICD-10 problematic. The dynamics of ICD-10 have created significant changes in documentation requirements and code assignment, presenting healthcare organizations with new challenges in the documentation and coding processes. Give your organization the complete picture of your mid-cycle revenue performance from a retrospective view through claims analytics and auditing with VitalAuditor™.

Dashboards for quick review and reporting

Design your own KPI Dashboard based on a number of key performance indicators important to your organization. Track, monitor or use to drill down into detailed reports for claims analysis and audit results for professional, inpatient and outpatient.

Automated claims selection and assignment

Integrated with your organization's 837 claims data, VitalAuditor automatically presents auditors with their work assignment each day. Claims can be viewed at an entity level or are assigned according to facility-specific rules so you're unique auditing goals may be achieved.

Side-by-side Auditing

The dynamic platform allows for side-by-side audits and audit accuracy, promoting coder efficiency via a two-view screen.

You also have the option to audit the auditor if desired, all comments and changes are captured for reporting and trending.

Ncoder built-in

VitalNCoder™ is a sophisticated, yet easy to use encoder that provides the best of both book-based and tree-logic code selection processes and access to ever-changing coding guidelines, rules and regulations. VitalNCoder offers a built-in Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) and Outpatient Claims Editor (OPPS) making rightful reimbursement possible.

Workflow and claim assignment

Expand your communications with the rest of the compliance, documentation and coding team by building customize workflow meeting your entire organization's needs for both inpatient and outpatient claims with either concurrent or retrospective review.

Robust management reporting


Categorization of root cause issues identified in the claims analysis and auditing process, enabling the creation of targeted education and training road maps for physicians, coders and clinical documentation specialists.

  • Financial impact
  • Documentation efficiencies
  • Productivity
  • Trending

More Benefits

Minimal Impact on IT

Automated claims import process only requires a one-time setup for SFTP data feed creation. A flat file import can be provided for analysis and auditing purposes.

Easily Identify Grouper Logic Changes

Our pre-audit coding analytics identify positive, negative and neutral DRG shift analytics.

Embedded with VitalKnowledge™

Integrated with VitalWare’s coding and regulatory referential solution, providing real-time documentation, coding and regulatory information.

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