Predictive Audit Analytics

Mitigate the compliance and financial risk brought on by coding errors, resulting in fewer denials and optimal reimbursement. VitalAuditor’s side-by-side audit platform provides a full data analysis, compiling and presenting your results in a dynamic format.

Pre-audit reporting

Robust pre-audit reporting includes:

  • CC/MCC analytics to identify capture rates by facility and physician, and allows for comparisons statewide and nationally
  • NOS and Unspecified code use analytics for:
    • Claim-level, code specific financial opportunity
    • NOS and Unspecified code analytics by physician
    • Overall facility NOS and Unspecified code use

Post-audit reporting

Categorization of root cause issues identified in the auditing process enables the creation of targeted education and training roadmaps for physicians, coders and Clinical Documentation Specialists. Also includes:

  • Financial impact
  • Productivity
  • Trending

Innovative platform and user-friendly interface

The dynamic platform allows for side-by-side audits and audit accuracy, promoting coder efficiency via a two-view screen.

More Benefits

Minimal Impact on IT

Automated claims import process only requires a one-time setup for SFTP data feed creation. A flat file import can be provided for analysis and auditing purposes.

Easily Identify Grouper Logic Changes

Our pre-audit coding analytics identify positive, negative and neutral DRG shift analytics.

Embedded with VitalCoder™

Integrated with VitalWare’s coding and regulatory referential solution, providing real-time documentation, coding and regulatory information.

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