Seamless Revenue Cycle Success Starts with Documentation

Have confidence in your ability to facilitate appropriate reimbursement by ensuring complete and accurate documentation. VitalCDI is the first-to-market clinical documentation tool that improves productivity and profitability by its intuitive and comprehensive approach to documentation improvement.

Customizable, automated case review assignment

Integrated with your organization’s ADT system, VitalCDI automatically presents specialists with their work assignments each day. Cases are assigned according to facility-specific rules, ensuring your specific CDI goals are achieved.

Dynamic, interactive queries

Physician documentation queries only contain requests for what is missing in each record and provide a view to additional specificity requirements.

Robust management reporting

Track results and outcomes of your CDI initiative efforts through a full range of reports, including:

  • Number of charts reviewed
  • Volume and percentage of queries
  • Query response and turnaround rates
  • Case Mix Index Impact
  • Financial Impact from CDI program

More Benefits

First to Market

VitalCDI works in all areas of patient care, including Emergency Room, Clinics, Outpatient and Inpatient services.

Robust Management Reporting

Track results and outcomes of your CDI initiative efforts through a full range of reports.

Customizable Workflow

Next generation functionality makes workflow intuitive and efficient, facilitating ease of use.


Seamless and automatic updates ensure a single product version is maintained, minimizing IT involvement.

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