Delivering Pricing Intelligence, Coding Compliance and CDM Analytics to the Key Stakeholders in Your Hospital

Engage your organization's clinical directors through an automated workflow, continual charge analytics and ready access to peer pricing and other regulatory information tailored to the services performed in your clinical departments. VitalCDM’s robust design and unique user interface is specifically intended to save time and frustration, and facilitate accurate and comprehensive charge generation within all billing systems, including today’s complex billing systems.

Executive Dashboard

High-level executive view of key performance indicators shows trending over previous three imports and analysis.

Benchmarking/Peer Comparison

Provides pricing benchmarking based on your defined peer groups by hospital, department and line item.

Request Process/Workflow

Unique functionality makes workflow and change file management intuitive and more efficient.

More Benefits

Identify Coding Exceptions

Coding and billing analysis lets you easily identify deleted and invalid codes.

Single View for Easy Data Analysis

View files from different systems, such as Pharmacy and Supply Item, in a single view. Quickly identify discrepancies in descriptions, charges and any other information.

Accommodates Import of Complex Files

VitalCDM imports and displays the vital information in the complex Epic billing system files.

Decrease Risk of Mistakes

Save your staff re-keying time and decrease mistakes with change file export. Once changes have been made in VitalCDM, export files can be created for import into patient accounting systems.

Add Ons

Corporate Standard

Maintain and update disparate billing systems and independent chargemaster files from a single CDM file. Provide consistency and accuracy for the long-term fiscal health of all chargemaster files throughout your organization.


Maintain a compliant CDM for optimal reimbursement through easy departmental involvement with VitalCDM’s workflow.

Pharmacy File Analysis

Sync your CDM and Pharmacy Drug Master (PDM) and start managing your pharmacy clinical and billing systems in one location.

Corporate Standard

Multi-hospital organizations often maintain disparate billing systems and independent chargemaster files containing inconsistencies with descriptions, revenue codes, HCPCS codes, and pricing. Identifying these variances and providing the ability to maintain a single CDM file that can update the disparate CDM files throughout the organization can save valuable resources and reduce revenue leakage. This add-on module to VitalCDM provides invaluable consolidated process provides consistency and accuracy for long term fiscal health of all the chargemaster files maintained throughout your organization.

Key Benefits:

  • System-wide reporting across multiple hospitals through the management of the corporate standard chargemaster file
  • Identify inconsistencies and inaccuracies updating them directly from the Corporate Standard File across your hospital system, optimizing your chargemaster files
  • Manage change control processes based on your organization’s user defined form requirements, utilizing your hospital’s internal email system
  • Interact with all user-defined workflow functionalities through a smart device
  • Track interdepartmental routing, approvals and communication, producing an audit log for processing time at any stage of the workflow process
  • Seamlessly send chargemaster changes back into the patient accounting system


Comprehensive chargemaster maintenance relies on departmental involvement. VitalCDM’s easy to use workflow add-on module is vital to the success of maintaining a compliant CDM that includes all reimbursable items and procedures for optimal reimbursement. The ability to track and monitor the process will ensure a timely update process.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlimited number of user defined routing and form creations
  • Field based permissions and role based security
  • Excel import available
  • Split line items to send forward, to a previous work queue, approve, or deny
  • Add comments and attachments at a form or line level
  • Access and process from a smartphone or mobile device
  • User defined reminder system
  • Linked to VitalCoder content
  • Detailed workflow analytics determine processing time within work queues and processing time overall
  • Export forms to both Excel and PDF
  • Place ‘Adds’ and ‘Changes’ to one form
  • Add ‘Requests’ to future dates

Pharmacy File Analysis

Ensure appropriate pharmacy medication billing by making sure your CDM and Pharmacy Drug Master (PDM) are in sync. Hospital pharmacy billing is complicated, and these systems typically contain between 2,500 and 4,000 active drug records, while CDM records in traditional billing environments range between 2,500 and 4,000 records.

In addition to maintaining each of these large databases and the interfaces between them, hospitals must also design a routine process for quickly adding new medications. Managing the pharmacy clinical and billing systems is challenging, often resulting in rejections, inaccurate charge information and missed payment opportunities. VitalCDM’s Pharmacy Analysis add-on module assists with this complicated process.

Key Benefits:

  • Analyze pharmacy information using your PDM or CDM if it includes the National Drug Code (NDC)
  • Pharmacy Analysis includes:
    • NDC validation for billable codes
    • Review descriptions using NDC, HCPCS codes and CDM descriptions
    • Suggestions for appropriate HCPCS code assignment specific to the NDC
    • Pricing analysis using Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APC), Average Sales Price (ASP) and Average Wholesale Price (AWP)
    • Suggested revenue code assignment

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VitalCoder provides your team with access to meaningful and current information critical to achieving accurate, comprehensive and compliant coding and revenue cycle management and is powered by ICD Sherpa™, VitalWare's patent-pending, proprietary physician documentation engine.

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