Delivering the Charge Capture Data Intelligence You Need Prior to Entering into an ACO Agreement

Understanding and facilitating complete and accurate charge capture is essential for success in the “quality care at lower cost” focused ACO model. As involvement grows across the industry, it is vital that providers pay close attention to capturing all billable charges. Failure to capture all allowable charges will result in lost reimbursement and possible financial loss.

To overcome this issue, VitalWare™ offers VitalCharges, powered by ERIS Medical Technologies™, incorporating leading hospital charge practices, governmental regulatory guidelines and predictive logic to identify missing charges from itemized bills, final bills or both.

Key Benefits

Claim-level suggestions related to missing or errant charges before submission.

Proprietary charge-capture practice algorithms, providing a comprehensive compilation of missing charge edits.

Customizable algorithms that drive unique workflow - exceptions can be created by department, payer or patient type; create new algorithms or turn them off completely without depending on vendor.

Automatically prepare clinically specific user work lists daily, displaying only relevant data.

Immediate and quantifiable results updated and provided on user dashboard daily.

“Holistic” charge capture solution providing daily revenue trending and late charge monitoring reports.

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