VitalWare™ Introduces Professional Revenue Integrity Services

March 2, 2018— Yakima, Washington —VitalWare™, the leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle SaaS solutions, introduced professional Revenue Integrity Services (RIS) to its suite of services. This new business unit establishes professional revenue integrity assistance to support providers striving to improve clinical documentation, coding accuracy, and optimization of appropriate reimbursement for provided medical services.

“Compliance, accuracy and appropriate reimbursement continue to be top concerns of hospitals today,” says Kerry Martin, VitalWare CEO and President. “It’s a natural progression for VitalWare to expand its professional services. Our industry expertise, advanced technologies and client service is unmatched.”

VitalWare RIS provides professional services specific to Charge Description Master (CDM) review, standardization and outsourced management support services. VitalWare’s CDM review focuses on ensuring charges reflect Medicare guidelines; identify data discrepancies, inaccuracies, duplication and missing codes; validate the correct assignment of hard-coded modifiers; and implement compliant charging and billing practices. VitalWare RIS also offers Enterprise CDM development and standardization to organize, consolidate, review and create a cross-reference of current individual hospital CDM charge items to an Enterprise CDM.

VitalWare RIS offers management support services with the purchase of VitalCDM™. This service, in conjunction with use of VitalCDM, assures the 3C’s of CDM management are met:

  • Current – includes accurate and up-to-date services, codes and descriptions
  • Comprehensive – includes appropriate billable services for appropriate departments
  • Compliant – charges meet payer guidelines

VitalWare RIS provides retrospective inpatient and outpatient hospital coding audits utilizing the VitalAuditor™ SaaS solution. VitalAuditor combines audit workflow, management, education and reporting capabilities into a single, web-based solution that allows clients to extrapolate audit results across their organization.

“Our Revenue Integrity team was designed with the intent of developing an in-depth collaboration with our clients. We’re dedicated to helping our client hospitals improve their CDM along with coding accuracy and compliance, which leads to a healthier bottom line.” said, Jodi Stewart, VP of the newly formed RIS group.

VitalWare recognizes that many hospitals are looking to gain greater visibility into their business processes, and to develop the workflows, communication, and accountability to improve operating performance. VitalWare through its tools, and now its services team – seeks to be the partner of choice in achieving these goals.

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