VitalWare’s™ Chargemaster Product, VitalCDM™, now KLAS Rated and Customer Reviewed


January 3, 2018— Yakima, Washington —VitalWare™, a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle SaaS solutions, joined KLAS research to take part in its ongoing Best in KLAS healthcare IT Chargemaster Management category vendor assessment.  Initial results reveal strong positive customer sentiments, debuting an impressive Overall Score of 92.1—a notable 12 points higher than the Software Average for KLAS-rated products (80.1).

As part of the ongoing vendor assessment process, KLAS surveyed VitalCDM™ users, asking questions about their interactions with VitalWare’s technology, functionality, implementation, training, customer service and more. Feedback was collected from dozens of healthcare C-suite executives, directors, revenue cycle managers, coding analysts, nurses and physician clients.

“These unfiltered client satisfaction scores give VitalWare the performance benchmarks needed to improve and innovate in the ever-changing world of mid-revenue cycle management and healthcare technology,” said Sharon Prill, VitalWare’s CMO and Head of Product Strategy.

The initial data shines light on VitalWare’s industry-leading customer service and exceptional end-user experience:

“The frequency of VitalWare’s updates and their implementation of fee schedules and CMS changes are impressive to me. I know about anything within 24 hours.”

“The analytic component that is involved with the SaaS solutions is unlike any I have ever seen. I can pick and choose things, move columns, and do everything. Then I have a true CDM with volumes, Medicare fee schedules, and everything I need all in one format, and it is fantastic.”

“When they (VitalWare) send the Outpatient Prospective Payment System updates, quarterly updates, or something about a CMS change or proposed rules, we don’t have to go anywhere else or go digging around to find additional information. The information is right there. We get it in a timely manner; we don’t get emails about rules that are scheduled to go into effect a week later. VitalWare understands what our struggles are in the healthcare industry, and they provide us information in a very easy way.”

“We are always learning from our clients, and seek their continuous input to drive our product development efforts” said, Kerry Martin, CEO & President.

With over 575 healthcare institutions now on its client roster, VitalWare’s mid-revenue cycle product portfolio is the healthcare industry’s best solution for providing visibility and continuity in chargemaster management, documentation, charge capture, and regulatory code references -essential to appropriate reimbursement and continuous improvement.

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About VitalWare
VitalWare is a leading revenue cycle SaaS solutions provider specializing in Health-IT technologies and the delivery of the most comprehensive regulatory code library and auditing tools in the healthcare industry.

VitalWare makes the business of healthcare easier through intuitive cloud-based technologies and regulatory expertise. Combining over 175 public and proprietary datasets, our web-based applications contain the advanced business logic, crosswalks and proprietary libraries that validate documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement accuracy -making VitalWare clients’ jobs easier.

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