VitalWare Releases OPPS Calculator 2.0: A Major Advancement Tool for Managing Healthcare Claims Management

April 3, 2017

VitalWare™ releases new and improved OPPS Calculator 2.0 in latest code release.

Yakima, Washington – April 3, 2017 – VitalWare, a leading provider of revenue cycle SaaS solutions, announced today a complete rebuild of its OPPS calculator. The updated OPPS calculator 2.0 module will provide users an automated way to easily evaluate wage-adjusted payments on claims and identify potential rejections for Medicare non-payment.

With healthcare’s continually changing complex reimbursement rules, hospitals and clinics increasingly require more sophisticated charge visibility tools as well as access to the most up-to-date regulatory code information to stay on top of claims management.

Core to the VitalWare OPPS Calculator 2.0 upgrade, is the ability to see detailed explanations associated with each individual line item in an intuitive and organized user interface, providing the clearest view to reimbursement.

“We are thrilled with the functionality we are delivering in this latest product code drop, and in particular anticipate our OPPS calculator to be well received and seen as an essential tool,” said Kerry Martin, CEO of VitalWare.

The VitalWare OPPS Calculator is just one of the many new features included in this release. Other improvements and new enhancements are also being deployed across the entire suite of products.

The VitalWare product team has devoted years to developing solutions that address and simplify the regulatory coding and auditing requirements of healthcare organizations. For more information on VitalWare products and services go to


About VitalWare:
VitalWare is a leading revenue cycle SaaS solutions provider specializing in Health-IT technologies and the delivery of the most comprehensive regulatory code library and auditing tools in the healthcare industry.
VitalWare makes the business of healthcare easier through intuitive cloud-based technologies and regulatory expertise. Combining over 175 public and proprietary datasets, our web-based applications contain the advance business logic, crosswalks and proprietary libraries that validate documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement accuracy -making VitalWare clients’ jobs easier.
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