VitalWare’s VitalCoder™ Rebranded to VitalKnowledge™

June 14, 2017

Yakima, Washington – June 14, 2017 – VitalWare™ has officially changed the name of its coding, reimbursement and compliance referential lookup application from VitalCoder™ to VitalKnowledge™.

This name change was made to better describe the core benefit of VitalWare’s referential knowledge application and to align with VitalWare’s future product organization and development roadmap.

As VitalWare’s product suite continues to expand, VitalWare carries “making the business of healthcare easier” to all aspects of its product consideration -ensuring a match between brand value, client experience, and focus on user driven interfaces.

For more about VitalKnowledge and the full suite of VitalWare products, visit our website.

About VitalWare™
VitalWare is a leading revenue cycle SaaS solutions provider specializing in Health-IT technologies and the delivery of the most comprehensive regulatory code library and auditing tools in the healthcare industry.

VitalWare makes the business of healthcare easier through intuitive cloud-based technologies and regulatory expertise. Combining over 175 public and proprietary datasets, our web-based applications contain the advance business logic, crosswalks and proprietary libraries that validate documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement accuracy -making VitalWare clients’ jobs easier.


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