Charge Capture Solutions

Vitalware charge capture solutions and services help revenue professionals put a stop to revenue leakage from undercharging, and also helps radically reduce both lost time and revenue from overcharging and denied claims. Our solutions and consulting services enable clients to track errors to their root cause, and quickly gain self-sufficiency.


Revenue professionals know that hospitals leave between 0.5% and 3% of net revenue on the table due to a variety of factors: changes in billing practices; installing new technologies; staff training or lack thereof, and charging practices that become obsolete through complacency.

If you've been submitting claims with improper charges, it's probably costing you more than you think — and the sooner you take corrective action, the better.

VitalIntegrity enables teams to minimize revenue leakage from under (and over) charging and facilitates tracking of inaccurate charges — all the way to the root cause. Our practice and our solution focus on root causes because our aim is enabling self-sufficiency.

VitalIntegrity leverages the power of a dynamic, interactive query engine, and links ICD vocabulary and alias terms with corresponding medical concepts, keeping search results consistent. Customized workflows and optimized processes strengthen communication between your revenue cycle and clinical departments. This helps establish accountability across touchpoints and optimize ROI for all your resources.

Charge Capture Consulting

Vitalware Charge Capture Teams help clients assure they're in compliance with their own internal charging practices, using Medicare charging practices as a default. We'll help you identify corrective actions to promote complete and correct charging as well as compliance. Through our expertise and discipline, our teams can dig deeper to find root causes and patterns to help you learn from past experiences and take preventive actions.

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