Chargemaster Management

Chargemaster management with Vitalware is a comprehensive business discipline that combines technology and expertise and brings all data into one view. We connect systems and workflows, making both data and processes transparent and optimally efficient — correcting errors at their source, and increasing productivity.


Our flagship chargemaster solution, VitalCDM, organizes, displays, and manages all your chargemaster data within one elegantly connected solution. VitalCDM enables you to operate more transparently, price strategically, and present an accurate bill or claim with a new level of consistency.


The Challenge

Legacy chargemaster solutions aren't built for the volume, complexity, depth, and functional interdependence of modern CDM data. That's why so many hospitals struggle to keep their CDM up-to-date, and why full visibility across departments can be so difficult to achieve. In fact, most legacy CDM management systems break down right out of the gate, because they simply can't handle today’s (very) large dynamic CDM and data files.

The New Standard

This all-too-familiar pain was the motivation for building a modern solution, designed to scale and take in all of your data effortlessly. (No fudging, no rogue spreadsheets, no IT wizardry.) When you have a CDM solution that can handle your entire chargemaster — and all related data files — and consolidate them all into one system that your team can view and manage, you have a breakthrough. Because when your mid-revenue cycle personnel work from a single platform, their productivity increases, errors decrease, and you have more time to take action on... everything else.

We are very happy we chose Vitalware. Area hospitals suggested we look at Vitalware, and we’re glad we did.

Cerilda Aleck Chargemaster/Coding Specialist Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers

Truly Complete Data Consumption

Complete data consumption means pulling all of your ancillary data files into a single module, giving you full visibility across departmental data:

  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Formulary
  • Radiology
  • Lab
  • Supplies
  • Cost Data
  • Multiple Fee Schedules
  • Preference Lists
  • Order Entry Data
  • Soft-Coded Items

When you can join these disparate ancillary data files into a single grid view, working with this data becomes much easier. You can actually see linked items at a line level and manage many to one, many to many and one to many relationships. And, when you can maintain linked file information from a single file, you can organize and manage your CDM in a logical hierarchy, (parent to child or child to parent).

VitalCDM is the NEW STANDARD in chargemaster management

Our solution ranked #1 in KLAS Revenue Cycle — Chargemaster Management for 2019 and was ranked First in KLAS for functionality, implementation, support, and CLIENT SATISFACTION.


Core Value, and More...

VitalCDM is our Chargemaster core, but innovative products complement this core, creating an integrated suite of capabilities that creates value for clients in each application area. Vitalware's CDM suite enables clients to access, view, update, use, and analyze both chargemaster and workflow data more fluidly and flexibly. Together, these tools enable healthcare providers to compete and thrive in an environment that is changing faster than ever before.


VitalKnowledge provides real-time access to 100+ reference libraries, updated rigorously, to make sure you’re always accurate and compliant. You’ll also get intelligent, robust reporting on items that can possibly cause reimbursement problems or compliance issues. VitalKnowledge libraries are maintained by our unmatched team of content pros — people dedicated to staying on top of relevant regulatory changes for you.


VitalWorkflow enables your team to create customized routing and distribution workflows to standardize (and thereby greatly accelerate) typical approvals and requests. You can set up work items to flow exactly the way you want them to — and change those flows quickly if the need arises.


VitalView enables you to view multiple disparate data sets in our proprietary, multi-source 360° view, which offers complete transparency and management for all connected ancillary systems.

Physician, Pharmacy, Supply, Ancillary

Physician, Pharmacy, Supply, Ancillary are easily manageable with our design philosophy, which is complete data, in one place. So naturally, we include the capability to access and analyze your professional, pharmacy, supply, and ancillary chargemasters — without requiring an additional CDM module.

Corporate Standard

Chargemaster maintenance for multi-hospital organizations that use disparate billing systems is time consuming, creates CDM inconsistencies, and reduces visibility across the entire system. That’s why we built a tool that can link disparate CDM files together in a single system. This creates visibility into your discrepancies, makes CDM management efficient, and reduces your compliance risk—allowing you to be confident in your chargemaster across the entire organization.


Vitalware connects easily to every major patient accounting system on the market—including direct interfaces to Epic and Cerner.

OPPS Calculator

With Vitalware's proprietary OPPS calculator, you'll know potential claim rejections upfront, rather than having to wait for a clearinghouse to process, and potentially pass back denials.

Price Transparency

Vitalware developed to be a useful tool for both patients and providers while also allowing you to comply with the government’s mandate to post standard hospital prices. By increasing transparency and providing patient-friendly descriptions around charges, our tool reduces confusion surrounding different health care costs and increases patient and consumer confidence in procedure-based pricing.

CDM Consulting

Our CDM consulting teams are focused on your success. We have the experience and the tools to identify key areas for improvement, and we consistently (and quickly) help our clients optimize their mid-revenue cycle data and processes, and achieve self-sufficiency.

*HFMA staff and volunteers determined that these healthcare business solutions have met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of these healthcare business solutions or that any results will be obtained.

Our Better Chargemaster Promise

Complete consumption and use of all data relevant to your chargemaster management.

Easy-install and product enhancements with little or no IT involvement needed.

Dedicated client management with a real person responding to your needs.

Category-leading product training and best-in-class industry knowledge.

A focus on your operational independence and autonomy. When you work with Vitalware, we commit to finding and solving charge management problems at their roots.

Putting All The Pieces Together

With VitalCDM, your chargemaster data is better, your workflows are smoother, and your access to pertinent information is immediate and comprehensive. More than 900 hospitals have made the move to VitalCDM — positioning themselves to compete with vision and clarity in today's fast-evolving marketplace.

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