Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

Chargemaster Management

Hospital chargemaster management, aka chargemaster maintenance, with Vitalware is a comprehensive solution that combines technology and expertise, and brings all data into one view. We connect systems and workflows, making both data and processes transparent and optimally efficient — increasing productivity, correcting errors at their source, and keeping you confidently compliant.

Core Value, and More...

VitalCDM is our chargemaster solution core, but innovative tools complement this core. Our integrated suite creates value for clients in each application area. Vitalware's hospital charge description master (CDM) suite enables clients to access, view, update, use, and analyze their chargemaster and all ancillary files in a single solution. Together, these tools enable healthcare providers to compete and thrive in an environment that is changing faster than ever before.


No more rogue spreadsheets, add-on tools, or separate modules. VitalCDM offers a complete hospital chargemaster maintenance solution. Hospitals and healthcare providers need solutions that can help make them more efficient, and transparent. Your chargemaster touches clinical data, procedure codes, supplies, pharmacy, service codes, and the claim. It’s the Rosetta Stone for your hospital or medical group’s financial operations. With VitalCDM, your chargemaster will become a primary driver of efficiency for your revenue cycle.



We’ve worked with nearly every major patient accounting system in the country which has taught us to be flexible and resourceful. Depending on what your PAS allows, we’ll either do a direct JSON feed or produce an XML or flat file. Our experienced and detail-oriented team will work with your technical personnel to determine the best method to get your chargemaster data synced between your PAS and VitalCDM.

Our Better Chargemaster Promise

Complete consumption and use of all data relevant to your chargemaster management.
Easy-install and product enhancements with little or no IT involvement needed.
Dedicated client management with a real person responding to your needs.
Category-leading product training and best-in-class industry knowledge.
A focus on your operational independence and autonomy. When you work with Vitalware, we commit to finding and solving charge management problems at their roots.

Putting All The Pieces Together

With VitalCDM, your chargemaster data is better, your workflows are smoother, and your access to pertinent information is immediate and comprehensive. More than 1,000 hospitals have made the move to VitalCDM — positioning themselves to compete with vision and clarity in today's fast-evolving marketplace.