Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.


A Single Source Of Truth For Your Healthcare Organization

Mergers, acquisitions, and service-diversification create the need for a chargemaster that can manage multiple code formats at the corporate level. VitalCDM was expressly designed to make the definition and implementation of variance much easier, and the Vitalware team has the expertise to enable your organization to succeed.

Variance: Simplifying The Complexities of Growth

Vitalware is committed to helping healthcare organizations stay ahead of the operational challenges rapid growth and mergers can create. Implementing Variance is one of the most valuable services we offer for organizations with a diverse footprint.

Many Operate As One: The Right Chargemaster Makes It Happen

With the right data structure and the kind of workflow flexibility that Vitalware offers, the chargemaster can act as the "master key" that makes multiple facilities operate as one. Whether you're bringing together two, or twenty-two hospitals, you need a translation layer – and a place for that data to be viewable and manageable. You also need your standard to be responsive and flexible as you grow. That's precisely what we bring to the table.

Variance Offers 3 Key Benefits

There are three key benefits to creating and managing variance with Vitalware.

One True Chargemaster

With Variance, your team is able to view and maintain a single, reliable source of truth for your financial operations. Undoubtedly, this assurance is more important than ever as we enter a new era of pricing and process transparency.

Efficiencies: Realized

A significant part of the business case for almost any merger is the ability to recognize operational efficiencies. Variance assures that these goals can be achieved, and additionally, it creates a far more agile and responsive operational environment.

Negotiating Power

With a clean line of sight into your total operation, you can negotiate with a full understanding of the combined impact of all corporate member organizations. Item by item, invoice by invoice, this can have an enormous impact on your bottom line.

See The Vitalware Difference

For organizations who are actively acquiring, merging, or re-aligning healthcare facilities, the ability to establish common terminology, coding, and even pricing information is crucial. Whether your organization is still trying to manage a past merger, or you’re anticipating the next, our capabilities are transformative when facing the challenges diverse patient accounting systems, coding, and processing protocols can create.