Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.


The New Standard In Chargemaster Management

New regulations, pricing transparency requirements, and thinning margins are causing hospitals to become ever more reliant on their revenue-cycle data being truly comprehensive and up to date. Vitalware is the only solution designed for today’s technical and operational environments, and also designed for data-flexibility — so hospitals can always rely on their chargemaster, charges, and coding being current, accurate, and authoritative — whatever the future holds.

The New Standard In CDM Management

Our flagship hospital chargemaster solution, VitalCDM, organizes, displays, and manages all your charge description master (CDM) data within one elegantly connected solution. VitalCDM enables you to operate more transparently, price strategically, and present an accurate bill or claim with a new level of consistency.


The Challenge

Legacy hospital chargemaster solutions aren't built for the volume, complexity, depth, and functional interdependence of modern charge description master (CDM) data. That's why so many hospitals struggle to keep their CDM up-to-date, and why full visibility across departments can be so difficult to achieve. In fact, most legacy CDM management systems break down right out of the gate, because they simply can't handle today’s (very) large CDM and data files.

The New Standard

This all-too-familiar pain was the motivation for building a modern solution, designed to scale and take in all of your data effortlessly. (No fudging, no rogue spreadsheets, no IT wizardry.) When you have a CDM solution that can handle your entire chargemaster — and all related data files — and consolidate them all into a single system that your team can view and manage, you have a breakthrough. Because when your mid-revenue cycle personnel work from a single platform, their productivity increases, errors decrease, and you have more time to take action on... everything else.

I was excited when we decided to move to Vitalware as it seemed so easy to use, and it is. VitalCDM is extremely user-friendly and the client service has been great. This really exceeded our expectations in December updating expired or changing charge CPT codes. I would highly recommend Vitalware to anyone looking at a chargemaster tool.

Paula Pederson Director, Patient Financial Services Memorial Health System

Best In KLAS Solution

Our solution ranked #1 in KLAS Revenue Cycle — Chargemaster Management for both 2019 and 2020. And was ranked First in KLAS for functionality, implementation, support, and client satisfaction.


Truly Complete Data Consumption

Complete data consumption means pulling all of your ancillary data files into a single solution, giving you full visibility across departmental data. When you can join these disparate ancillary data files into a single grid view, working with this data becomes much easier.

You can actually see linked items at a line level and manage many-to-one, many-to-many and one-to-many relationships. And, when you can maintain linked file information from a single system, you can organize and manage your charge description master (CDM) in a logical hierarchy. Manage all of these from a single login:

  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Formulary
  • Radiology
  • Lab
  • Supplies
  • Cost Data
  • Multiple Fee Schedules
  • Preference Lists
  • Order Entry Data
  • Soft-Coded Items

All your data. One solution.

VitalCDM is a web-based, fully integrated solution that gives you access to a complete suite of hospital chargemaster management tools. You'll price appropriately, work more efficiently, and remain confidently compliant. Explore the depth of our chargemaster suite below.

Putting All The Pieces Together

With VitalCDM, your hospital chargemaster data is better, your workflows are smoother, and your access to pertinent information is immediate and comprehensive. More than 1,000 hospitals have made the move to VitalCDM — positioning themselves to compete with vision and clarity in today's fast-evolving marketplace.

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