Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.


All Your CDM Data, In One Comprehensive View

View gives you the ability to see, compare, and manage all of these disparate files from a single, unified view. This is the new standard in chargemaster management — the ability to work with a truly complete record of your financial information from a single solution.

Visibility, Solved

View offers transparency and connection to all ancillary systems referenced throughout your financial operation, mapped to your chargemaster. Rather than wasting time looking through multiple systems, our advanced linking logic facilitates accurate maintenance of departments, ancillary systems, and explosion codes — all from a single screen.

Know What You’re Working With

It can be difficult (and time-consuming) to create a comprehensive and fully integrated view of all your charge data, particularly when it’s sourced from a variety of different systems. View provides you with this complete view to clearly see how charges relate to one another and to be confident in your chargemaster. This is the detail, clarity, and perspective View offers, enabling you to resolve discrepancies, see relational data clearly, and work with your data confidently.

Getting The View That Matters

View solves the challenges presented by the growth of disparate data systems, and the increasing demands of price transparency. When your teams can view and compare key data points efficiently, accurately, and completely — they'll work faster, with fewer errors and re-work, and your facility will get paid accurately for the work you do.

Today, a clear and comprehensive view of your charge data has become essential. Let us help you expand your view.

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