Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.


A New Standard For Workflow Efficiency And Auditable Price Changes

Workflow offers you a unified platform to keep everyone “on the same page,” and operating smoothly. It’s a versatile tool for improving the efficiency, auditability, and integrity of your CDM changes.

Workflow Transforms Your Mid-Revenue Cycle

Workflow is a customizable, web-based workflow-engine that can be accessed from any internet-connected device. For chargemaster management, it's linked directly to our VitalCDM and VitalKnowledge solutions, so complete chargemaster data, and current coding and billing information, can be used throughout your workflows to inform and shape your processes and change requests.

For All Your Departments & Facilities

Consistency Creates Results...

Across Departments

Workflow works with any of your CDM files or fee schedules, including your supply and pharmacy groups. It also generates reports for managing processes and people. You’ll be able to measure how long each step takes in your overall routing process, or use timing as the decision input for a particular step. All inputs are automatically logged and measurable for auditing purposes so you’ll know what, when, who, and why an item was added or changed in the CDM file.

Across Facilities

Both centralized and decentralized CDM management processes across multi-hospital systems are supported by Workflow. The automated, and customizable, change request process allows requests to be initiated at the facility or clinical department and route through the appropriate levels of approval at the facility, corporate, or both. Workflow routes can be as simple or robust as needed; including facility or service area-specific routes and fields, multiple levels of approval, and inclusion of custom fields from item master or other ancillary systems. If your organization is structured with facilities on disparate systems that link to a variance, workflows can be built to ensure additions or changes at the variance are pushed to the individual facilities.

Workflow: Key Benefits

Because of the flexibility of Workflow, we’re confident you’ll discover many ways to impact your revenue cycle. Here are the key benefits that you can take advantage of right away:

  • Unlimited user-defined routing and form creation can be customized precisely to the needs of your organization for each different type of service and/or supply item. No more “one form fits all” headaches.
  • Workflow is web-based so that anyone throughout your facility can participate in workflow managed processes with an internet-connected device.
  • Errors and incomplete requests are reduced because your team has instant, contextually-driven access to the most current coding and compliance information throughout the workflow process.
  • All processes are time-logged, enabling reporting that can pinpoint processes with improvement potential. Various remedies can then be quickly tested and compared.
  • Complete transaction logging enables audits, and records the what, when, who, and why whenever items are added or changed in the CDM (or other) workflow integrated files.

See Workflow In Action

Workflow will improve chargemaster compliance through better collaboration and communication, and reduce processing time by providing visibility into how long it takes an item to be added or changed in the chargemaster. You'll work faster every day, and when you do need to perform any auditing, it will be efficient and more productive.

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