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Vitalware's VitalAuditor solutions and our Revenue Integrity teams can help your team identify and analyze coding and billing trends within your operation, yielding insights that can be used to optimize your CDI, coding, and billing practices. Many of our clients also use these insights to continuously renew and improve process training. VitalAuditor can also help you analyze and optimize the auditing process itself.

We have used the Vitalware tools for years and cannot say enough good things. Recently we had a coder on a leave of absence and asked the Vitalware team if they would be willing to help us out with some outsource contract inpatient coding. We have had some not so great experiences with other vendors and with having such a great relationship with the Vitalware team we had full trust that they would perform top-notch for us. To no surprise, it was a great experience for us and them. They were dedicated to our accounts, had open communication, and great discussions between the coders. I can’t fully express how much this company has helped us!

Brittany Johnson, RHIT Hospital Coding Supervisor/Revenue Cycle Carris Health


VitalAuditor assists organizations in the retrospective auditing process of medical claims for hospital inpatient and outpatient services, and physician billings. It's designed to deliver education and coding information easily into your daily workflow and reporting.

VitalAuditor increases the productivity of auditing staff and offers improved visibility into audit activities. It will help your team reveal coding and billing trends, and provide insights that can be used for improvements to CDI, coding, and billing. These insights also provide great opportunities to improve process training.

VitalAuditor enables data mining with historical claim information to illuminate historical trends and facilitates detailed documentation of the audit process itself.

VitalAuditor can be complemented with VitalKnowledge™ reference information for use throughout the auditing process. Additional informational modules include:

  • CPT Assistant
  • AHA Coding Clinics
  • Dr. Z
  • Coders Desk Reference
  • APR-DRG Grouper
  • EAPG Grouper
  • Other Groupers
Key Advantages

Dashboards skip the headache of collecting reports from multiple sources and allows you to see the big picture. Complete access to your data combined with our drag-and-drop modules to enable you to organize the information you need, precisely the way your teams want to see and work with it.

Side by Side
VitalAuditor's user-friendly interface allows for side-by-side claim audits via a three-view screen display. Users can also create and code a claim from scratch with the ability to save, group, and audit for accuracy. Coder efficiency improves when data views align with your core processes.

Embedded with VitalKnowledge
VitalKnowledge is a standard component of VitalAuditor. That means essential reference information is always available on demand.

KPI Dashboard
Easily customize your own KPI dashboard based on a number of key performance indicators important to your auditing department.

Auditing Consulting Services

Vitalware auditing consulting teams dig deeper and bring both solutions and expertise to bear to help clients become compliant, optimally profitable, and self-directed. Our experts know this space, know our tools, and they'll work for your team as hard as they do for ours.


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