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Hospital Charge Capture Solutions

Vitalware's hospital charge capture solutions and services help revenue professionals put a stop to revenue leakage from missing charges while preventing compliance issues from overcharges. Your revenue cycle management operation will capture more earned revenue while remaining confidently compliant.

The Vitalware Charge Integrity Suite:

Modern Charge Capture Solutions That Empower You
to Collect More While Staying Confidently Compliant

Rapidly evolving regulations and rules have made the hospital charge capture process increasingly complex. Hospital revenue cycle management teams are now required to know a second language (billing codes), and continuously learn new best practices. That’s why we created VitalIntegrity. To empower your team to take control of your charge integrity. Feel confident you're capturing earned revenue while remaining confidently compliant. This is modern charge capture.

The solution is user-friendly, you can understand right away what you’re looking at — it doesn’t require its own Master’s degree.

Rhonda Lupardus Chargemaster Reimbursement Manager Midland Health

A Client-Empowered Approach

You shouldn't need to rely on consultants. We believe modern charge integrity is more effectively managed within the walls of the organization that is doing the capturing. This is why our solutions provide you 100% of the results and don't cherry-pick data. You'll be able to prioritize by potential net revenue or another objective you find more urgent. This approach better aligns with your goals and empowers you to create an essential function for your health system.



Your data. Your rules. Your view.

With VitalIntegrity, you’ll improve the hospital charge integrity process, and detect and remedy compliance issues. It will empower your team to recognize inefficiencies and revenue leakage from missed charges, compliance issues from over-charging, and facilitate tracking of inaccurate charges all the way to the root cause.

Our charge integrity solution gives you:

  • An assessment to analyze capture and compliance opportunity
  • Ability for you to customize rules based on charging protocol
  • Review of 100% of your daily charges
  • A view of both missing and over-charges at an itemized bill level
  • Directional net revenue calculation
  • A reconciliation report to understand what's been worked
  • Automated work assignment
  • Support from a dedicated charge capture team

With our new standard of charge integrity, you can process itemized bills or 837s on a daily basis looking for both over and under charges that have gross and net revenue implications. Whether you choose to use it pre-bill, to guide your re-bills, or to fix at the root cause, you have a technology-enabled charge capture solution that is specific to your charging protocol.

One coding error can be huge. Being able to monitor with Vitalware gives us a snapshot look at return on investment on a weekly basis. Our savings have far exceeded the cost of the product compared to the errors we're finding.

Kathy Huston Charge Capture Coordinator Hendrick Medical Center

More Than Revenue Capture

With VitalIntegrity, we're creating a new standard of quality for mid-revenue cycle tools and services. Just as we did with VitalCDM, we designed VitalIntegrity from the ground-up to re-imagine the problem, the process, and the tools from our clients’ perspective. We're confident that we've developed something that provides lasting value, and makes sense to frontline users, team leads, and executives alike.

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The Daily View

VitalAnalysis provides a closer look at both charge and compliance opportunities, with processing of outpatient 837i claims against our standard-setting Vitalware rules repository. Results are available for review in our secure, user-friendly interface, with multi-level column sorting, and drag-and-drop grid reorganization. If your results indicate there's significant work to be done, you can transition to VitalIntegrity, and make use of root cause indicators, a flexible workflow, and rules-customization capabilities.

VitalAnalysis allows clients to quickly identify current and chronic sources of compliance risk that can lead to over or under-charging, presenting data in an easy to use and flexible user interface, so you can create a focused plan to address the charge integrity issues you discover.


Hospital Charge Capture Resources & Best Practices

Whether you use Vitalware solutions or not, here are some free hospital charge capture resources that can help you improve your revenue cycle processes.

Hospital Charge Integrity Consulting

Vitalware charge integrity experts help clients ensure they are in compliance with their own internal charging practices, using Medicare charging practices as a default. We'll help you identify corrective actions to promote complete and correct charging as well as compliance. Through our expertise and discipline, our teams can dig deeper to find root causes and patterns to help you learn from past experiences and take preventive actions.