Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

Revenue Integrity Services

Vitalware's Revenue Integrity teams work to analyze and optimize your data, processes, and work environment, and we use Vitalware tools to expedite results in CDM management, Charge Integrity, and HIM / Audit practices. Our personnel is highly experienced and adaptable — and they love to share knowledge and help clients rapidly attain outstanding results and enduring self-sufficiency.

CDM Consulting

Our CDM consulting teams are focused on rapid and enduring results, creating a fast path to client self-sufficiency. Our technology-enabled service approach is designed to be easy to review and track so we're able to orchestrate quality recommendations quickly.

CDM Reviews

Vitalware CDM Review teams help clients achieve compliant billing and charge capture processes at the foundation of your revenue cycle—the CDM. These teams focus on major hospital clinical departments providing outpatient services.

CDM Standardization

Using the VitalCDM tool, standardization teams organize, consolidate, review and create a cross-reference of current individual hospital CDM charge items for a new Enterprise CDM.

CDM Management Services

Vitalware’s CDM consultation and support helps clients manage and maintain a compliant chargemaster to optimize reimbursement while reducing the risk of improper billing practices.

Charge Integrity Consulting

Vitalware charge integrity teams can help you conduct a thorough internal assessment to identify if you are in compliance with your own internal charging practices, using Medicare rules as a default. We'll help you identify corrective actions to promote complete and correct charging as well as compliance. Through our expertise and discipline, our teams can dig deeper to find root causes and patterns, to help you learn from past experiences and take preventive actions.

Lasting Benefits
In addition to avoiding leaving your hard-earned revenue on the table, root-cause analysis and resolution of charging issues lead to improved compliance, cost capture, and more accurate revenue. The more compliant you are, the more revenue you generate. Simply put, the financial case for VitalIntegrity is very compelling.

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