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EAP Management

Consumption and Visibility of Your Entire EAP

Epic is one of the most widely used EHR/PAS solutions in hospitals. Because of their wide footprint, unique processes and even terminology has been created in "Epic shops" — EAP instead of CDM anyone? Vitalware deeply understands these nuances and translates them into better EAP management tools for you.

Complete EAP Management for Epic Hospitals

VitalCDM for chargemaster management was developed with Epic’s native EAP format top-of-mind. Unique to VitalCDM, the EAP 1000 is consumed in its entirety, creating a host of efficiencies for your revenue integrity, billing, and IT teams alike. With more than 50% of our VitalCDM clients on Epic, this all-in-one consumption provides our clients with unique advantages over other EAP management offerings.


With Vitalware, we finally have a usable multi-facility Epic chargemaster (EAP) file that can be imported into VitalCDM, analyzed and managed as a single line. Vitalware saves us hours of coding research, and we can now answer reimbursement questions much faster.

— Tracy Weaver Stachowski Senior Chargemaster Specialist Lakeland Health

Do More from a Single Solution

Working from multiple systems wastes time, creates silos, and increases the chance of errors or discrepancies in data. The new standard in EAP management means you can manage all your related files from a single solution. In the same solution, you'll be able to view and manage:

  • Shell records (Willow / OpTime)
  • Order entry systems (Radiant / Beaker)
  • Ancillary files
  • Soft-coded items

What sold us on the product was that the vendor was very familiar with the Epic system. They had a lot of Epic clients. Vitalware would take any data we could give them and upload that into the Epic system.

— Anonymous KLAS Comment

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