Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

Large Hospitals

For larger hospitals and health care networks, Vitalware's SaaS solutions can scale effortlessly, and also gives you the ability to customize as you scale: which means that you're able to standardize or tailor processes as you see fit within a large hospital setting, or across a multi-facility group. With these larger and more complex datasets, Vitalware's ability to consume ALL of your chargemaster data provides a significant advantage.

We have used the Vitalware tools for years and cannot say enough good things. Recently we had a coder on a leave of absence and asked the Vitalware team if they would be willing to help us out with some outsource contract inpatient coding. We have had some not so great experiences with other vendors and with having such a great relationship with the Vitalware team we had full trust that they would perform top-notch for us. To no surprise, it was a great experience for us and them. They were dedicated to our accounts, had open communication, and great discussions between the coders. I can’t fully express how much this company has helped us.

Brittany Johnson, RHIT Hospital Coding Supervisor, Revenue Cycle Carris Health

All Your Data

New regulations, pricing transparency requirements, and thinning margins require larger healthcare organizations to maintain a CDM that's comprehensive, easy to work with, and always up to date. Increasing demands for efficiency and accuracy from your financial operations are also accompanied by growing complexity: expanded code sets and a constantly growing list of charge types and subtypes. Legacy CDM systems aren't built to handle these demands, so they break down, timeout, or limit your work productivity in other ways. Vitalware solutions have the unlimited data capacity you need. They're designed to consume your current dataset and place no limits on its growth.

One Solution

When you have your Professional Chargemaster, Preference List Management, Order Entry, Soft-Coded Items, Radiology, Lab and the like "under one roof," and visible to all, you have an authoritative record and control point for all services, costs, and fees. The linkage between your hospital chargemaster and your professional chargemaster in one platform provides for easy reporting on variances between your charges and the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (for one example), or against your professional facility or professional clinic fee schedules.

The integration of all of this information makes comprehensive data analysis much easier and yields much richer and more accurate analysis for developing appropriate pricing strategies.

Technology Minus IT

Web-based SaaS solutions have rapidly become the standard for almost all mission-critical software across businesses globally. For large hospitals, CDM solutions are too important to the daily operation of your business to be left behind in a "systems time-warp". Vitalware's solutions assure:

  • Complete data usage
  • Little to no IT reliance...or presence
  • Centralized operations with reduced risk
  • Automated, seamless, interruption-free updates
  • NO manual downloads

Maximum uptime, minimum disruption, and cost. Big hospitals are very busy places. Don't be beholden to tech resources to get through your revenue cycle.

Proven Legacy

20% of Vitalware installations serve institutions that have 10 or more facilities. Large hospital systems are one of the fastest-growing segments of our customer base.

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