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Small Hospitals

Smaller hospitals are operating with the same complexity and demands for transparency and efficiency that bigger institutions face, but many are often working with tighter budgets and smaller business and technical teams. Vitalware's ability to scale is key. Our approach, our team, and our solution enable smaller hospitals to benefit quickly, and with minimum IT impact, we can get you up and running very rapidly.

Being a smaller hospital means we have larger cost constraints… but partnering with Vitalware to manage our chargemaster, and provide an online tool for coding and compliance, was the best decision we could have made.

Paula Pedersen Director, Patient Financial Services Memorial Health System

In most cases, Vitalware can save smaller hospitals significant time. Whether you're currently checking old code books, or relying on an aging solution that requires cross-referencing and multiple screens, we can help you get all your data up and running on the same platform, and immediately streamline your processes.

This is why Vitalware works with so many small, rural, and community hospitals throughout the nation. Nearly a third of our customers are operating hospitals with fewer than 100 beds. By removing the onerous burden of quarterly code updates, and other repetitive, time-robbing tasks, our customers can run a tighter revenue operation, and they're free to focus on patient care, streamlining operations, and other pressing needs.

All Your Data

Vitalware can take in and organize all of your chargemaster data and effectively outsource the job of keeping it current with applicable codes. With Vitalware, you can focus on using your data rather than finding it, organizing it, and maintaining it. This is crucial for smaller hospitals operating with resource constraints.

One Solution

All of the information your coders need is visible, centralized, and intelligently organized, with complete transparency on code-updates.

Technology Minus IT

Because Vitalware is a SaaS solution, there's "Low-to-No" IT burden for installing, maintaining, or updating our solution. It really is as simple as learning the tool, loading in your data, and going to work.

Proven Legacy

Vitalware is the KLAS Category leader for CDM with more than 1,000 hospitals, large and small using our flagship VitalCDM product.

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