Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.


Physicians groups can immediately benefit from the tools and expertise Vitalware provides for mid-revenue cycle management. We offer Peer benchmarking informed by MPFS as well as the breadth of our client base and the depth of our experience. We enable our users to manage outcomes to greatly improve their results and reduce claim denials, AR days, and global measures like revenue per physician — and our reach enables accurate comparison against similar practices and locales.

With our data in use by more than 800,000 physicians across the country, VitalKnowledge offers a comprehensive coding reference that includes the most commonly (and less frequently) used Physician and Professional codes.

Using the latest technology, VitalKnowledge users enjoy real-time automatic updates on professional coding, regulatory and financial information.

Medical Necessity for Physicians

Our CodeValidate capability (packaged with VitalKnowledge,) gives physicians unmatched speed and accuracy for verifying medical necessity and NCCI edits, and for checking code pairs for Medicare medical necessity or unbundling issues. Our Medical Necessity solution is differentiated by two key factors:


With Vitalware, codes are updated seamlessly every seven days. Competitor solutions that update every 30 days significantly increase your chance for denials, and the lost revenue and time that comes along with them.


As with every other aspect of our solutions, CodeValidate is built to a new, more demanding standard. Our CodeValidate Medical Necessity engine can handle far more complexity in policies and edits, and categories are customizable to meet your system's needs. Whatever your group's practice or area of focus, we can help you get current and stay on top of the coding environment.

Vitalware's timeliness and accuracy, combined with ease of customization, can help your practice quickly and continuously reduce your rate of claim denials.

You'll meet and exceed your peer benchmarks rapidly, and be able to set new goals and KPI's to make your practice the one that sets a new standard for your practice discipline.

Proven Legacy

Join more than 800,000 physicians who use Vitalware data and services to optimize the efficiency of their business operations, and improve their competitive edge.

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