Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

Solutions by PAS

Vitalware solutions are designed to consume display, and work with ALL of the data generated by leading (and legacy) PAS systems. That's a key differentiator, and solves problems across the spectrum of the many various PAS solutions still operating today.


The immense data richness represented in modern-day practice solutions like Epic clearly requires a solution that can fully consume the EAP (Epic All Procedures) file, make it viewable, changeable, and available for analysis. That's precisely what VitalCDM was designed to do.

Epic’s EHR encompasses both the clinical and financial side of healthcare in one system, and VitalCDM is built to handle this underlying structure, allowing you to manage all supporting datasets — including Willow, OpTime, Radiant, and Beeker.

Converting To Epic

The experience and expertise of your solution provider can be especially important if you're converting to Epic. Typically, these conversions require a thorough review (and a few rounds of revisions) to update internal processes, and it's not uncommon for teams to be reconfigured in some ways, to reflect Epic's dynamic format. We have extensive experience in this area, and can help guide you by assisting with:

  • Design of operational goals and metrics
  • Quality and efficiency reviews for policies and procedures
  • If your Epic conversion is being driven by expansion, we can help streamline multi-facility chargemaster management

Solutions designed for the Epic environment can be especially helpful in making this transition. We've become the CDM solution vendor of choice for these migrations due to the very straightforward process for integrating VitalCDM within Epic's data and process environment.

Other PAS and Legacy Systems

We’ve worked with every major patient accounting system (PAS) there is. If you are using Cerner (MS4, Millennium, or Sorian), we have the ability to work with your dynamic data files to ensure complete data usage and display.

If you're using McKesson, we can manage all aspects of your CDM in Paragon, or with the FIM/SIM relationship in STAR. For MediTech users we easily work with Magic, 6.4 or 6.0. Users of Allscripts, CPSI, or Eclipsys can also benefit from the flexibility and power of VitalCDM.

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