Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.


Vitalware data and personnel help our vendor partners focus on their domain-expertise while we focus on assuring that codes are up to date and in synch with the fast-changing healthcare regulatory environment. More than 700M medical claims run through partner solutions each year, using our data.

Regulatory Data and Coding is our Specialty

Your team and your clients will benefit from being able to focus on the specifics of your business domain because we provide partners with a single, comprehensive, and consistently updated source for all your regulatory, coding, and compliance content needs.

Data Provisioning Through VitalIntelligence

VitalIntelligence provides our partners with on-demand access to over 175 different proprietary and public data sets. That's a massive homework problem you won't have to take on as you're defining and focusing your solutions and business. You'll benefit right away from the certainty that Vitalware has you covered for all your regulatory and coding data needs.

You'll also benefit from having this information delivered to you precisely as you need it.

Customized to Fit Your Systems and Preferences

You can seamlessly integrate your solutions with our data sources via API, HTML controls and/or raw data uploads. Vitalware offers a wide variety of file formats equipped to handle custom-tailored formats and request frequency, including standard flat-file delimited or JSON.

Stay on Top of Everything: Alerts

Keep your clients and key members of your team updated on changes with our alerts system. Vitalware's Policy Manager engine (Medical Necessity Editor) can get you current, and keep you there, with past and present LCD/NCD edits.

Vitalware API: Seamlessly Integrate our Data with Your Solution

Our Web Services API enables the integration of our content with your own UI and functionality. Technical personnel can learn more at our Vitalware API Developer Portal.

ICD Code Engine: Expressly Built For ICD-10

Our proprietary ICD engine we call Sherpa was specifically developed to enable complete, accurate documentation referencing ICD-10's new codes, new terminology, and additional specificity requirements.

Vitalware recognized the need for a technology that could address ICD-10's data-granularity and invested more than four years developing ICD Sherpa. The solution offers unparalleled searching capability, and a detailed and intuitive organizing structure to help physicians, coders, and staff involved in documentation and billing processes.

Our Experts Are Ready To Help Yours

Vitalware also provides skilled and experienced content-integration services. We're always ready to help our vendor partners optimize their benefit from using Vitalware for their data provisioning and regulatory content needs. We’ll also customize for your system requirements and UI preferences.

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