Access data points for over 3 million supply and device items with VitalKnowledge.

Why Vitalware

From the beginning, Vitalware has set out to lead in mid-revenue cycle tools, data, and consulting for healthcare providers. We're helping our clients and partners meet modern-day challenges head on, by setting a new standard for quality and innovation in this competitive marketplace.

The New Standard

Today, hospitals and healthcare providers of every kind compete on trust. And with pricing transparency playing a key role in earning that trust, revenue operations are moving front and center. We deliver modern SaaS solutions that consume and coordinate all your chargemaster data in a single, smartly integrated framework, offering a full suite of tools to enable hospitals to operate more transparently, price strategically, and confidently run a compliant and efficient revenue operation.


Easy to Switch

The same qualities that make VitalCDM so easy to use, also make it easy to adopt. You don't need to create a data spec or reconfigure anything: your charge data will be consumed and displayed and organized in totality. Your current workflows can be replicated very quickly in our solution. But beyond simply replicating your current workflows, you'll more likely improve and optimize the way you work with our platform.

Because VitalCDM is a cloud-based SaaS solution, there's no interruption from IT either.

1,000+ hospitals — of all sizes — have made the move to Vitalware, because they've been able to see, and quickly realize a significant benefit.


Content Experts

Up-to-date rules and guidelines are essential for correct outcomes, and healthcare rules change, often. Our all-star team of revenue cycle experts assures that hospitals, clinics, and health systems are up-to-the-minute. With continuous access to the most current coding information and compliance rules, our team will help you eradicate the risk of compromising reimbursement due to regulation changes.

Our experts draw from over 175 public and proprietary data sources, and our web-based platform provides clients the ability to query the most comprehensive content database in the industry. Current policies, bulletins, regulations, and news articles are also available for review.

Vitalware experts live and breathe this stuff – so you don't have to – and you can run your hospital or practice, instead.

You can also review and receive guidance on not only your inpatient coding and billing challenges, but also on outpatient, professional, and ASC coding and billing challenges all from our highly-credentialed coding and billing professionals.


1,000 hospitals have chosen Vitalware to help transform their revenue practices to compete, strategize, and prepare for a world where pricing and process transparency will be a requirement for doing business.