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Charge Capture Analytics Enables $7.8M Revenue Increase

Up to one percent of net charges in the healthcare industry are lost because of ineffective charge capture. To collect revenue for the services it rendered, one integrated health system sought to improve its charge capture performance. The organization recognized that it needed to update its technology to help it detect inefficiencies and lost revenue from poor charge capture. By implementing an analytics application, the health system improved its charge capture accuracy.

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Charge Integrity Analytics Improves Revenue Recognition

MultiCare Health System (MultiCare) recognized it had an opportunity to improve its charge capture processes and reduce losses. The organization sought a solution that was scalable, reduced errors, and increased profitability. MultiCare leveraged its analytics platform and a charge integrity analytics solution to enhance its ability to efficiently manage its charge capture processes, providing access to timely and actionable insights and enabling efficient root cause resolution.

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Midland Health

Midland Memorial Hospital was established by prominent community leaders with one mission: “To make quality healthcare available to all residents of Midland County, Texas.” Their aim remains the same. To achieve this goal, and continue delivering high-quality care, Midland Health holds all facets of its operation to the highest standard — including revenue integrity.

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Hendrick Medical Center

Today, thanks in large part to the continuous application of good business discipline and superb medical personnel and practices, Hendrick has become one of the country’s leading healthcare facilities with over 540 beds and roughly 570 physicians on staff. To continue delivering on their mission, Hendrick Medical Center holds all elements of its operations, including revenue integrity, to the highest standards.

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Parkview Medical Center

In 1923 in Pueblo, Colorado, Parkview Medical Center set out with the mission to provide the highest quality healthcare to the people they serve, a mantra that still holds true to this day. The center remains one of only two large, independent community hospitals operating in Colorado while also being the region's largest private employer with more than 3,000 staff. With their sights set on a more progressive chargemaster management solution, the team began their search for a technology partner that would contribute to making the hospital more efficient, help it adhere to changing regulations, and provide support when needed.

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Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Valley Presbyterian Hospital opened its doors to the community in 1958 as a small, neighborhood provider of personalized medical care. Today, they’re one of the largest and most prestigious full-service acute-care facilities in the San Fernando Valley. Not fully satisfied with their current CDM solution, Valley Presbyterian Hospital set out to find a CDM tool that integrated better with their day-to-day operation and data needs.

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